Wedding-Pastor, Changing lives since 1983

"My wife and I do historical recreation and we met at such an event. I knew Pastor Mark as a fellow armored combatant and knight. When my wife and I decided on a medieval wedding we wanted it to be as authentic as possible and so the good Friar was a natural choice. Our wedding was held in an outdoor setting and remains to this day one of the most beautiful and talked about medieval weddings in our organization. 

Pastor Mark took great care in making it a very personal ceremony, he accommodated every request we had and went out of his way to make the day as beautiful as could be imagined. In the weeks leading up to the wedding we had several counseling session which were very helpful in preparing us for our upcoming adventure. 

We have recommended Pastor Mark to several of our friends and will continue to do so. Pastor Mark will work with you and help you to achieve your dream wedding. 

Big hugs from Sir Coda and Dame Giulianna aka Bill and Joley ~ married fifteen years and going strong."

"We were thrilled to have Pastor Mark marry us! I had the privilege of meeting him several years ago when my husband and I began pre-marital counseling with him. I am forever grateful for his guidance and encouragement through those stressful months leading up to the wedding. 

We worked with him to create our perfect ceremony; he was able to answer all of my questions regarding ceremony etiquette and provided suggestions when I was feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Fast forward to our wedding day: At one point during the ceremony, Pastor Mark whispered to me, "did you remember the roses?" (We planned to present roses to our parents) My heart sank as I realized I completely forgot to order them. I shook my head "no" and Pastor Mark gracefully continued the ceremony and improvised without missing a beat. What a relief it was to know that the most important part of our wedding day was in such great hands! 

His skills as a pastor shined through with his ability to connect with our guests, make them laugh and feel welcomed, and eased our minds with his calming demeanor. I feel privileged to have been married by Pastor Mark. If you're searching for a genuinely kind-hearted officiant who will take the time to make sure your ceremony fits your vision, you certainly won't be disappointed!"

                                                              Kami and David