Jessica and Andrew

"His beautiful words will remain in our minds forever "


​"The day we met Mark, we expected to sit and enjoy a coffee while we went over a brief review of our ceremony. This wasn't the case as we were immediately blown away by how many options Mark presented us with. He had tons of material that ranged from traditional to non and religious to non. He even gave us several options of what we wanted him to wear. He allowed us to customize the ceremony that best fit our lifestyle. He presented us with a lot of poems and suggestions as we talked through and began to "build" our dream wedding ceremony. As we conversed, we began to envision the day and it became so realistic that we actually began to tear up.

The initial meeting with Mark was a sentimental and eye opening experience. We knew he was the one that we wanted to bless our marriage. On the wedding day we had nothing to worry about and Mark made it clear he would support us through the ceremony and have us think as little as possible, which was a huge relief with all of the stress of planning and preparation going into the event. Marks presentation was poetic and he never missed a cue. We got everything that we had asked for down to the last detail. The crowd was tuned in during the entire ceremony and there were many tearful moments of joy. We were very fortunate to have crossed paths with Mark. His beautiful words will remain in our minds forever and help hold our marriage strong in tough times. Thank you Mark for the unforgettable experience you provided us!


Who we are


Since founding Wedding-Pastor, Pastor Mark has joined hundreds of couples in marriage, with weddings ranging from family affairs to 500-guest events.


Pastor Mark holds a BA in Religion and Youth Ministry, with post graduate work in Counseling and Child development.

To meet your needs and focus completely on your service, we strive to book only one wedding a day. This is notcommon practice for wedding officiants.

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


We work with every culture, lifestyle and background. Remember, It's your wedding​ and should be everything you desire.


In 1990, Pastor Mark married the parents of this beautiful woman. On January 1, 2015, the circle was completed when he joined the lives of Robbi and Pierce.

Wedding-Pastor, Changing lives since 1983



Pastor Mark is active in ministry and ordained in the Church of the Nazarene, a world-wide Protestant denomination, founded over 100 years ago.

Wedding-Pastor was founded on one, overriding principal: It's your wedding. Too often family members, friends, and officiants try to tell you what your wedding should be. At Wedding-Pastor we help you discover what it will become. 

Our Founder, Pastor Mark Bray, is fully accredited, ordained, and active in ministry. Added to that, he has vast experience counseling couples, individuals and families. This gives him the insight and depth of experience to help meet your every need regarding your wedding service

Each wedding is customized to you as a couple. Want to, have a Family Sand Ceremony or include a Salt Covenant? How about a Handfasting or Honey Ceremony? Does your culture enjoy Jumping the Broom or the Arras? He has ways to stylishly include these facets, and many more, into your service.

This is one of the most important days of your life and we dedicate ourselves to giving you the most enjoyable, stress-free, experience possibly. Let's get started planning your wedding today!